Past events

Swiss Watching - In the Land of Milk and Money

Special Christmas Edition of IFIT Quarterly  - what a cracker it was!!

Think Diccon Bewes, the author of best-selling book, "Swiss Watching"*, a Financial Times Book of the Year in 2010.  

Why are the Swiss like coconuts and how does Swinglish work? Well, we found out during a great fun, light-hearted evening to counterpoint the regulation-mania hanging over us. Diccon told us, to much hilarity, what SWISSNESS means, at least to an outsider on the inside.

Autumn iQ 2015 - Selling funds in a post-AIFMD world

A great comeback with a storming speaker, Guenther Dobrauz, Partner at PwC

After a long break, the IFIT Quarterly came out of hibernation (by which I mean FATCA-induced stupor) with a consumate speaker. Dr. Dobrauz spoke in great detail about the ominipresent drumbeat of regulation and tax reforms, culminating in the AIFMD.  He left us with a comprehesive set of slides explaining what is needed to still sell hedge funds into Europe.

Xmas iQ 2014 - Journey from Irrational Me to Value Investor

Following our summer look at behavioural economics, we took a journey with Guy Spier, from his early days as a Gordon Gekko wannabe (irrational me) to sophisticated value investor (rational me). Guy, who has managed the same Hedge Fund for over 15 years, first sprang to prominence in 2007 by bidding over half a million dollars for lunch with Warren Buffet. As it turns out, this was a watershed in his investing lifetime and Guy will share his warts-and-all process of transforming his investing style. 

Seven Deadly Sins of Finance - "Rational Me" vs. "Rational? Me?", Summer 2014

It was the perfect temperature to enjoy a witty and neatly presented overview of what the seven deadly sins of finance comprise. In an ideal world we should remember that "emotional me" usually outrides "rational me" and always take the time to review our decisions. With well-placed quotes and just the right sprinkling of figures and statistics, Osy romped through the key pitfalls we should seek to avoid.

Outrageous Predictions for the Year 2014

What are ten major events/risks, seemingly outrageous, yet more probable than you think, and could your investments weather their massive impact?

Saxo Bank's annual publication brings real value by sparking debate and helping you prepare your investments survive such a perfect storm, indeed any storm, by thinking the unthinkable.

iQ Summer 2013, Hot-Spot East Asia

We enjoyed captivating analyses of Japan’s long march from Hiroshima to Fukushima; paralleled by the rise of China; their shared past; tension on the Korean peninsula; multiple territorial disputes.

iQ Spring 2013

Tonight was a tour de force. Dr. Burkhard Varnholt warned us right from the get-go that, as investors, we should always be on the look-out for the gorilla in the room (i.e. don't miss the wood for the trees).  He continued to speak fluently and without notes about his long-term world view.  We ranged through the local economic backdrop (think Eurozone), through USA and Asia  before diving into the megatrends that will affect all major asset classes. 

iQ Autumn 2012 —The Art of investing in Art

Why invest in Art? Why now? How is Art priced? How does Art compare to alternative alternatives? Is Art the new asset class, or worthless canvas?

Philip Hofmann, the founder and CEO of The Fine Art Fund Group, London, put us in the picture and shared his vast experience and infectious enthusiasm for investing in Art.

This was a fascinating evening packed with information and insider anecdotes. 

iQ Summer 2012

Another sizzling hot evening with stimulating, indeed provocative ideas from Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist at Saxo Bank, the evening’s sponsor. Steen shared his views on the three stages of a crisis and micro over macro. We had a lively evening with plenty of food for thought.

iQ Spring 2012

Completing our first full year of iQ evenings we took a 3-D look at the pharma, biotech and medical devices market. During this event, sponsored by Pharmagenix AG, we grasped the big picture: the symbiosis between big pharma and small biotech offering exciting perspectives. Then we zoomed in on lucrative opportunities close at hand and got focused with our experts.

iQ Winter 2011

A few day before Christmas we addressed how the soon-to-be promulgated CISA (KAG) / AIFMD will affect fund managers, distributors and investors. During the evening we found out what questions you should ask to best position your business in this changing environment.

iQ Autumn 2011

This event was sponsored by World Markets, investor in carbon projects. Just what is a carbon credit and how can forestry projects benefit your pocket as well as the planet? We found out from an expert panel what carbon markets are and how to add a sustainable, profitable boost to your portfolio:


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