Autumn iQ 2015 - Selling funds in a post-AIFMD world

A great comeback with a storming speaker, Guenther Dobrauz, Partner at PwC

After a long break, the IFIT Quarterly came out of hibernation (by which I mean FATCA-induced stupor) with a consumate speaker. Dr. Dobrauz spoke in great detail about the ominipresent drumbeat of regulation and tax reforms, culminating in the AIFMD.  He left us with a comprehesive set of slides explaining what is needed to still sell hedge funds into Europe.

Guenther is THE expert for all matters regulatory...and packed a wealth of information into his stylish presentation!

In a post-AIFMD world, distribution in the EU and even in Switzerland of classic Alternative Investment Funds (domiciled offshore), is indeed increasingly complex and challenging. Yet, for the prepared and innovative, opportunities are still there. 
Dr Guenther Dobrauz is a Partner with PwC Switzerland and Leader of its Legal Regulatory Services practise. Prior to this he was legal counsel of an international hedge fund group, a passionate venture capitalist and has practised as an attorney. He is the author of six books on European investment law, on investment allocation, and on innovation.
This event, at the charming Zunfthaus zur Waag, was full of energy and it's a shame if you missed it!
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