Swiss Watching - In the Land of Milk and Money

Special Christmas Edition of IFIT Quarterly  - what a cracker it was!!

Think Diccon Bewes, the author of best-selling book, "Swiss Watching"*, a Financial Times Book of the Year in 2010.  

Why are the Swiss like coconuts and how does Swinglish work? Well, we found out during a great fun, light-hearted evening to counterpoint the regulation-mania hanging over us. Diccon told us, to much hilarity, what SWISSNESS means, at least to an outsider on the inside.

Diccon's degree from the London School of Economics and a career as a travel writer fitted him very well to write* a loving view of the politics, culture and society of his Wahlheimat.  Having settled in Switzerland ten years ago, Diccon set about learning German and how to integrate. Fast forwad to 2015 and we see this blogger and chocolate lover celebrating the publication of his fourth book on Switzerland simultaneously in German and English.  

His humorous and friendly writing has won him plaudits at home in the Swiss press, as well as abroad.  Diccon is refreshingly droll and the ideas from his book are, to quote Die Zeit, "presented with a mix of loving irony and a well-trained eye for eccentricity". Diccon's take on Switzerland is packed full of bijou vignettes and absolutely made us laugh!

Accompanied by the Scherenschnitt artist, Ueli Hauswirth, who cut silhouettes of our guests all evening we had a great evening of networking in the company of fellow financiers, surrounded by a sumptuous setting with wonderful wine and flavoursome food. Thank you Diccon and Ueli. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our guests. Enjoy your books too....

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