Seven Deadly Sins of Finance - "Rational Me" vs. "Rational? Me?", Summer 2014

Summer iQ - 30th June 2014

It was the perfect temperature to enjoy a witty and neatly presented overview of what the seven deadly sins of finance comprise. In an ideal world we should remember that "emotional me" usually outrides "rational me" and always take the time to review our decisions. With well-placed quotes and just the right sprinkling of figures and statistics, Osy romped through the key pitfalls we should seek to avoid.

On the night we decided the weather was too fresh to be in the new summer venue. No matter, our hardy guests found their way over to the Waag. Next time I hope we will enjoy an Indian Summer in the cloisters!

Osmond Plummer is Professor of Finance at the European University in Geneva and Montreux and founder of Thank you for coming up from Geneva to share your thoughts!


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