Trading and Operations

IFIT's trading and operations services frees up your time to manage the portfolio and look after clients. We offer trade monitoring, reconciliation and shadow accounting.

Back and Middle Office

IFIT is a highly effective intermediary between you and your prime broker due to our excellent order-management system which was developed and integrated by our in-house experts. Supporting this is our internal paper-trading server (also known as a simulation server) which allows us to mirror any portfolio simultaneously.

Intraday Monitoring:

  • Position monitoring (requires online access to real-time positions with Brokers and Prime Broker(s))
  • Pre-defined intervention at position limit breaches
  • Pre-defined intervention at breaches of fund-specific limits and rules
  • From 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. CET (Central European Time)

Shadow Accounting:

  • NAV recalculation
  • Management, performance and administration fees recalculation

Trade Reconciliation

  • Daily trade reconciliation based on trade sheets provided by your trader's CoB previous day
  • Intervention with brokers/prime brokers if necessary
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